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Marble of Beyrède :

The commune of Beyrède-Jumet is composed of 2 distinct villages. The village of Beyrède, situated at an altitude of 700 metres, is home to the marble quarries, better known under the name of Sarrancolin marble.   

Jumet is situated on a mountain flat at an altitude of 870 metres. It is situated on the Col de Beyrède road which gives access to the Payolle lake and the Campan valley.

Byrède-Jumet P2V

Village with red stone

The village of Camous is situated at the confluence of the Neste and Arrieu rivers at an altitude of 650 metres. The inhabitants used the local millstone to supply the valley with whetstone.  These red stones were used in the construction of the houses, which gives a unique colour to the village.

Camous P2V

The parish church of Saint Martin dates from the 17th century and is located in Beyrède. Small church facing south. Bell tower with a semi-circular chevet and a porch covered with a polygonal spire. The portal with marble frame dates from 1829. The church of Saint-Genès dates from the 18th century and is located in Jumet. It is a small church with a semi-circular chevet and a porch bell tower covered with a polygonal spire. The portal also has a marble frame like the church in Beyrède.

The parish church of Saint-Laurent in Camous faces west and dates from the 18th century. The cemetery has a monumental portal with an engraved lintel dated 1635.

Beyrède Jumet P2V

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