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Cultural centre of the Aure valley


Between Arreau and the mythical peaks of the Aure Valley, visit Ancizan, a pretty village of 280 inhabitants. Explore its sublime mountain landscapes with a hike to Lake Arrou and discover its rich historical heritage in the city centre. Ancizan is a cultural village par excellence, with two exceptional sites: the Cultural Centre and the Museum of the Aure Valley.

Eagle's Nest Village in the heart of Pyrénées2vallées

A preserved area, Ancizan offers a magnificent hilly pastoral area of the 4 Véziaux (Ancizan, Cadéac, Grézian, Guchen) which extends as far as Lake Payolle and a 15th century cloth village that has preserved the remains of yesteryear. You will find intact window frames, barn doors made of aged but still living wood, a link between the rich past of the weavers' trade and the passages created by the cloth markets and organised in the halls of the current Town Hall building. Come and admire the old roofs with their unique slates, the still active village farm, the steep paths that lead up to La Hourquette, or the Ousten loop, part of the village nestled even higher in the mountain and with its secret kept!


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Barns and a summer village to discover!

Ancizan, like most mountain villages, will amaze you with its many barns scattered throughout its territory, each of which bears the story of a heritage, that of the pastoral custom that is still active today. The 4 Véziaux (Ancizan, Cadéac, Grézian, Guche) send their shepherds during the summer, leading cows, horses and sheep to altitude. Many will give low in the green-coloured heights and young people born in search of adventure and discovery will delight hikers.

Ancizan 4 Véziaux vallée d'Aure

Stage of the GR 105 - Ways of Santiago de Compostela

Hikers looking for peace and serenity will find their happiness in Ancizan. Stroll through the alleys of this village in the upper Aure valley, you will realize the harmony that emerges from these old farmhouses, beams and doors made of old wood.

Ancizan - 4 Véziaux - Aure Louron Pyrénées2vallées

A haven of peace in the Aure Valley

Follow the alleys leading to the church, turn right and climb up into the pasturelands that serve as communal gardens, the higher you climb, the more this 180° view invades you with its beauty and serenity. Yes, welcome to Ancizan! Refresh yourself, during your walk with the fresh spring water that flows in one of the fountains carved in the stone of our ancestors and relax! Sit down and admire. Do you feel that wave of sweetness on your cheek? The wind rises and envelops you in its southern heat shower.

Vue Ancizan - Aure Louron - 4 Véziaux - Pyrénées2vallées

Discover medieval houses, such as the Maison Castet

At 3 rue de Loumet and dated 1568, identified by its staircase tower placed prominently against the main elevation, this house of a wealthy merchant of yesteryear is a mise en bouche of the architectural remains of Ancizan.

Village Ancizan - Pyrénées2vallées - 4 Véziaux - Aure Louron

Enjoy a well-deserved break!

Amateur or experienced cyclists, hikers in love with nature, take advantage of the charm of the village to stop in Ancizan. One of the cottages or guest rooms will please you and allow you to discover the heritage of this small medieval village with its rich past.

Ancizan - 4 Véziaux - Aure Louron - Pyrénées2vallées

La Hourquette d'Ancizan, recognized by the Tour de France

The Hourquette d'Ancizan is one of the most famous routes of the Tour de France. Climb to 1564m of altitude by the old path of the valley and go down again towards the Lake of Payolle. Whether you make a beautiful loop back through the Aspin pass on Arreau then Ancizan or continue to Bagnères-de-Bigorre or Tourmalet and the Pic du Midi, you will love this road that takes you through green mountain landscapes in summer. Little fearful animals will enhance your discovery of pastoral areas. When the Hourquette road is closed to cars, you are in the ideal playground for cross-country and cross-country skiing in winter. Miles of snow-covered valleys for the greatest skiers and snowboarders.

Ancizan - Tour de France - cyclisme vallées Aure Louron

It's pic-nic time !

Moo!! There is only to.... go on the summer trails, walk or hike in the mountains, both majestic and accessible, with many animals on your route for the greatest happiness of the youngest. At the Hourquette you can venture as far as Lake Arou or even further from Montarrou. Going down the other side of the mountain, reach Lake Payolle and make a good picnic and swimming stop. It's up to you!

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