The culinary specialities of the Pyrenees

Dégustation porc noir Pyrénées

Discover 4 Pyrenean dishes


You have come to the Pyrenees to satisfy your 5 senses. Let's discover together the culinary specialities of the Bigorre region: garbure, gâteau à la broche, tarbais beans, black pork from Bigorre... Whether you are sweet or salty, rather starter or dessert, you will enjoy it! And good news, there are many other specialities to discover in the region.

The Garbure from Béarn

To warm up on a cold winter evening, the garbure is a must! This delicious stew from Béarn can be enjoyed hot as a starter. The garbure is a meal in itself, plan only a light starter or a small dessert. Allow about 3 hours of cooking time to obtain a delicious garbure to share with the whole family. Add many vegetables and meats to the pot: cabbage, turnips, onions, potatoes, duck legs, sausages... We recommend using local Pyrenean products: black pork from Bigorre and Tarbes beans! As an accompaniment, a red wine will go well with garbure.

Garbure Bigorre Pyrénées

The Tarbais bean

A regional variety of white beans, the Tarbais bean was adopted in the Béarn region in the 17th century. Its production reached its peak in the 19th century before declining during the inter-war period. Re-launched in the 1980s, the Tarbais bean is now recognized and protected: it has been awarded the Label Rouge since 1997 and a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 2000. Enjoy the Béarn bean with cassoulet, garbure or as an accompaniment to meat (in the picture, a square of veal).

Haricot tarbais Béarn

The black pig of Bigorre

A true culinary emblem of the Pyrenees, the black pig of Bigorre delights all lovers of good meat and delicatessen. It has been grown in the plains and forests of the Pyrenean foothills for more than 2000 years. This black colored pig grows serenely for more than 6 months in freedom and feeds mainly on acorns and chestnuts. Its breeding meets strict standards that guarantee excellent quality meat. Like the Tarbes bean, the ancestral breeding of the black pig of Bigorre was threatened, then revived in the 1990s by a handful of courageous breeders. Since 2015, the black pig of Bigorre has been protected by the AOC label, just like the black ham of Bigorre. Enjoy it as meat or sausage, as a main course or in a tapas!

Porc noir Bigorre

Spit cake

This classic of the Pyrenees is a true symbol of union and sharing. Its dough is made of eggs, flour, butter, sugar, rum and vanilla. It is poured on a conical mould, itself placed in front of a wood fire. The spindle must then be turned manually for several hours. The cake solidifies and forms easily recognizable peaks. Designed for special occasions, the spit cake is big enough for your whole family. To be enjoyed without moderation!

If you spend a holiday in the Pyrenees in July, go to Arreau for the "spit cake party". This major popular event is organized by the local Arreau Spit Cake Brotherhood, an association that perpetuates the centuries-old tradition.

gateau à la broche arreau

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