The pastoral tradition

Transhumance Pyrénées

Discover the traditional Pyrenean agriculture


As you will have noticed when you arrive in Pyrénées2vallées, agropastoralism is everywhere: in stone villages, in high mountain pastures and on small winding mountain roads. For several centuries, this activity structured the economy of the 2 valleys and more generally of the Pyrenees. A true millenary tradition, it has kept the authenticity that you feel when you walk around the destination. Today, agro-pastoralism is a delight for tourists who have come to discover the biodiversity of the Pyrenees and the local history.

Summer transhumance

A tightened group travels every summer along the roads of the Pyrenees with the sole objective of reaching the summits. We are not talking here about the runners of the Tour de France, but about the transhumance of the sheep! If you visit the Pyrenees in June, you will have the chance to take part in this annual event. Thousands of sheep leave their sheepfolds to enjoy the fresh herbs of the summer pastures, on the heights of the villages of Aulon, Saint-Lary or Aragnouet. The shepherds invite you to follow the herd on a great adventure from 6am onwards. The sound of bells and the "Patou" dogs accompany you all along the road. You enjoy a real immersion in the agro-pastoral tradition with a long walk in the sun at a slow pace. Far from the frantic pace of everyday life! When they arrive in the summer pastures, the sheep are passed on to the shepherd who will keep them at altitude all summer long.

Pastoralisme vallée d'Aure

The Pyrenean house of pastoralism

In the village of Azet, below the pass that connects the Aure valley to the Louron valley. Visit the Pyrenean house of pastoralism. Discover this local tradition through a scenographic space, testimonies, film screenings and exhibitions. In this meeting place, you are in contact with the shepherds who keep pastoralism alive on a daily basis. They will introduce you to their pastoral techniques as well as those practiced in other parts of the world. In summer, take part in a pastoral treasure hunt: discover in a playful way the surroundings of Azet and pastoralism in the 21st century.

Pastoralisme vallée d'Aure

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