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lac de Bastan en vallée d'Aure

100 lakes for magical hikes in the Pyrenees


Are we in the Canadian Rockies? No, you're not dreaming, you're still in the Pyrenees! Nearly 100 mountain lakes give Pyrénées2vallées its magical atmosphere and unique charm with its blue waters connecting the peaks and valleys. From 1800m to a height of more than 3000m, these exceptional lakes, in the heart of the Pyrenees, are a delight for all who visit them: be it experienced hikers or those enjoying a leisurely walk. 

Lake Orédon, gateway to the Neouvielle

Just arrived in the Néouvielle nature reserve and you can already see Lake Orédon. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and the summer heat of the valleys, you can stroll around in a magical setting in the high Pyrenees mountains. Between small streams, turquoise waters and pine forests, take advantage of a privileged moment to relax, recharge your batteries by the water, for a nap or a family picnic. You may even have the chance to meet the marmots... On the shores of the lake, the Orédon refuge welcomes you from February to October for an exceptional night at high altitude. A unique moment in your stay in the Pyrenees!

lac d'Orédon Néouvielle LAURENT GAITS

Le lac d'Orédon, un écrin préservé :

<p>Le parc national du Néouvielle vous tend les bras à partir du lac d'Orédon. C'est un point de départ de randonnées unique dans le département de part la qualité de ses paysages. Vous traverserez lacs et étangs au sein du massif du Néouvielle. C'est aussi un lieu de production hydroélectrique, et vous pourrez apercevoir le barrage de Cap de Long depuis le parking. C'est un espace naturel unique en France et vous pourrez même tenter des itinéraires de randonnées dur plusieurs jours et approcher les secteurs de Gavarnie.


Les Laquettes, a series of small and charming Pyrenean lakes

Continue your journey northwest on the rocky path, amidst rich mountainous vegetation. On the way, waterfalls and hooked pines accompany you. Less than 2km further, you reach Les Laquettes. The setting here is more intimate but just as impressive. The Laquettes area is made up of a series of small lakes at an altitude of 2000m, nestled between two mountain slopes. Upon your arrival, the gentians and the transparent water of the lake welcome you. Children play by the lake in search of tadpoles and trout fry, you admire the panorama on the crest of Les Laquettes and the Ramougn peak. You have found here the ideal place for a well-deserved stopover. Breathe in the fresh air, you're in the mountains!

Les Laquettes Néouvielle PIERRE MEYER

Les Laquettes, des étangs hors du temps :

Ce petit coin de paradis en pleine montagne, est un endroit qui respire le calme et la plénitude. Profitez de l'eau fraiche, ces petits étangs ne sont pas bien profonds et son parfaits pour se tremper les pieds. Cette ambiance si particulière, c'est le coeur du parc national qui lui donne son cachet. Alors profitez du massif du Néouvielle et de cette région si particulière.


The twin lakes of Aubert and Aumar

Let yourself be seduced by this great enchanting space. The vegetation is more sparse, the view is clear on the neighbouring peaks: the peak of Madamète, the Hourquette d'Aubert (2500m). On your right, the lake of Aumar. Beautiful mountain lawns line its transparent waters. Lie down, relax with your feet in the water, the summer sun is good for you. Feel the freedom that the mountain offers you: you are in the middle of nature, you are well. Around you, dragonflies zigzag over the water, snow partridges nest at the feet of the eternal snow. Further on, discover the sublime lake Aubert ("green water" in Occitan). Climb onto the stone dam and admire the rocky massifs that are perfectly reflected in the waters of the lake. Make sure to visit the orientation table to learn more about this exceptional natural site and the surrounding peaks.

Lac d'Aumar JG SOULA

Un haut lieu de la randonnée en vallée d'Aure :

Le parc national offre de nombreuses randonnées en itinérance. Passer par les lacs du Néouvielle c'est aussi pourquoi pas passer des nuits en refuge, et traverser le département... Qui sait, si vos pieds vous portent assez loin vous pourrez passer par les Bastan, continuez à l'ouest par les cols, tirez jusqu'à Gavarnie et finir en vallée d'Ossau ?

Rando raquette

Lake of Genos-Loudenvielle, the heart of the Louron valley

Created in 1975, this 32-hectare artificial lake at an altitude of 960m is a real invitation to relax. You are here in the heart of the Louron valley, between the green hills and the eternal snow of the peaks. By the lake, enjoy a leisure centre for the whole family: pedal boat, canoe, fishing... On the south shore, recharge your batteries as a family at the Ludéo outdoor swimming-pool and the Balnéa spa centre with spas and hammams indoors and outdoors.

lac genos loudenvielle Louron

A demanding hike on the ridge to Lake Sarrouyes

After Lake Genos-Loudenvielle, head south. Your objective: the Sarrouyes lake (2100m). Reach it via the Sarrouyes ridge or via a chairlift at Val Louron resort. You can enjoy superb views over the entire Louron valley and the Azet pass, a natural border with the Aure valley to the west. On the way, you will meet cattle and sheep who have come for the summer pastures, or marmots who appear from behind the rocks. On arrival, you will discover Lake Sarrouyes, nestled on a mountainside. This high-altitude area is the perfect place to rest, your feet in the water between rocks, eternal snow and mountain lawns.

Lac de Sarrouyes vallée du Louron

And for the most daring...

Experienced hikers will hike for hours at very high altitudes to the lakes of Nère, Hourgade (2400m) or Clarabide. After hours of effort towards Spain awaits you a breathtaking 360° panorama of the Hourgade ridge, the Pic des Gourgs Blancs and the Porte d'Enfer (3000m). An exceptional place for trekkers looking for challenging routes in the Pyrenees.

randonnée haute montagne vallée du Louron

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